The “Cheaper down south” promotion

Get $20 off a 24-month subscription to certain select networks:

LTE, WiMAX or Jupiter satellite providing a reliable, high-speed Internet connection.

Enjoy surfing the Web easily with this special offer.

Whatever the challenges of your location.


  • Clear communication 
  • No delays
  • Speed up to 25 Mbps

starting at $29.99 /month*


  • No delays
  • Wide network coverage
  • Quotas up to 500 GB

starting at $29.99 /month*


  • Ultra-fast download speed
  • Available everywhere
  • Unlocking saturated areas

starting at $29.99 /month*

But wait!

This offer is only applicable to places south of the St. Lawrence River, within the province of Quebec.

Northerners, stay tuned for what’s coming up next.


Contact us to find out how you can best access the Internet in your area.

Getting-You-in-the-Mood Wallpapers:

For computers/laptops

For cellphones

* On new 24-month subscriptions to Internet packages only, south of the St. Lawrence River within Quebec. Offer valid until April 30, 2018. Subject to change without notice. Some conditions apply. Contact us to find out which technology is available in your area.