Xplornet High Speed Internet
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Internet with the most advanced technologies no matter where you are!


Transfer rates much faster and less energy-consuming for mobile users.

Starting at $24.99/month*


Means better transfer rates, less time waiting, higher availability and greater efficiency.

Starting at $24.99/month*


Xplornet offers you the best internet connection solution for the most remote areas.

Starting at $49.99/month*



New Satellite Network Jupiter 2! Up to 25 mbps reliable and fast, available anywhere in Quebec.

Starting at $24.99/month*

Xplornet forfaits internet personnalisés selon vos besoins

Which technology is coming to your home?

Contact us to find out what type of network is available in your area.

*Prices for new customers only, valid until January 31, 2018.
Discounts applicable to regular prices for a 6-month period only. Offers are subject to changes, without notice. Some conditions apply.

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30 day money back guarantee.

Fast and reliable 4G network.

With Xplornet, you are always connected!

Available EVERYWHERE in Canada

Up to 10Mbps guaranteed anywhere!

Fixed price, no surprise!

No additional charges if you exceed your package. (more info)

Custom Packages

Change packages when you want, as often as you like.

No security deposit, no credit check.

No activation fee

No moving fees.

Equipment included.

Lifetime warranty on equipment

Finest technology equipment:

WIMAX & LTEXplornet Alvarion

Our wireless broadband (Wimax) is the largest in Canada!

  • More than 100 towers only in Quebec!
  • Supports all online games.
  • As fast as Videotron or Bell.
  • Get a $50 credit on your invoice if combined with Shaw Direct.

Xplornet Jupiter2

Xplornet’s latest: Jupiter bidirectional satellite system.

Allows you to connect to the fastest satellite in the world wherever you are!

Xplornet Viasat1

ViaSat bidirectional satellite system.

Allows you to connect to the fastest satellite in the world wherever you are!

Comparative estimate according to data

youtube-icon10 GB = 600 videos
20 GB = 1500 videos
50 GB = 3000 videos
75 GB = 4500 videos
100 GB = 6000 videos


10 GB = 370 hours
20 GB = 925 hours
50 GB = 1850 hours
75 GB = 2775 hours
100 GB = 3700 hours

10 GB = 10 hours
20 GB = 25 hours
50 GB = 50 hours
75 GB = 75 hours
100 GB = 100 hours

Want to know where your data is going? Read this article to understand your consumption: How many gigabytes do you use on Netflix, YouTube and Skype?. Evaluating you needs is the best way to choose an Internet package that is right for you.